A fresh take on the fantasy/sci fi mixture that I'd never read before. Loved the characters and pacing. Can't wait for Book 2.

The stakes are high, the dialogue is fast-paced, and you'll love the author's incredible world-building.
S. Johnston

Starburn: Zantium Legacy Book 1

A thousand years after the destruction of Earth. Three teenagers are chosen for the heist of the millennium...

Just as good as the first book! Maybe even better. I was an ARC reader, and stayed up way too late to finish the book in one day. Great characters, lots of action, and many emotional moments. I can't wait for the next instalment.

Starlit: Zantium Legacy Book 2

Estellar Starlit is the black sheep in her family of hyper-speed assassins...

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Benjamin (or Ben) lives in a little town an hour from Auckland, New Zealand, with his wife and three kids.

Ben has a deep affinity with science fiction. His grandfather was a chemical engineer and World War Two veteran who installed in Ben a fascination with science and history.

From a young age, Ben voraciously read wonderful writers such as: J.R.R. Tolkien, Ursula K. LeGuin, Frank Herbert, Margaret Mahy (who kindly wrote back to his fan mail), Raymond E. Feist, and many others.

His favorite hobbies include reading and hanging out with his kids, surfing, and kitesurfing. With all the recent incredible advances in space exploration, Ben hopes that one day he will live to see huge solar sails (or kites) in space. If this doesn’t happen soon, he will be compelled to write about it.

The Characters

Starburn is an orphan training to be a quantum magician. He currently lives in the asteroid city of Zantium. We can't really talk more about him unless you read the books.

Estellar is a quirky assassin half-heartedly doing jobs for her family. Her father is one of the Ten councilors who rule Zantium.

Aurum Junn is a gunfighter who loves a girl of a different species. He lives in the Frontier Asteroids where he farms and keeps to himself, except for when someone calls him out.

Little Moon lives on the cracked stardust of a moon-sized whale. She is the daughter of a tribe chief.

Different Worlds

Kusafar is a grass world that has almost no tilt in its orbit, so there are little to no seasons. The Cataclysm changed elef and barbirusa live in farming societies on the great grass plains. Both species have very different cultures:

The Elef are much more refined and spiritual beings who, when provoked, often explode in anger and aggression, then go back to their meditations and contemplation. Their diet has a lot of spices mixed in with grass and grain. They live in soaring compacted mud towers.

The Barbirusa of Kusafar, on the other hand, prefer contact sports and more down-to-earth pursuits, such as drinking, eating, and telling jokes. Their food is as simple and unadorned as their dwellings.

Oryx is a water world where the Cataclysm changed orca live. We haven't learned much about this world yet other than two of them are Starburn's adoptive parents.

Dominion is the mortal enemy of Zantium. All Dominites are humans with red eyes who originally came from Mars. They are very warlike but also a self-governing society, where every citizen votes on all choices regarding the whole society's direction. This can mean excellent choices and some violent tendencies if that's the people's mood. They go into battle with self-assembling armor and weapons.

The Seph Home World  is a water world where the Cataclysm changed Mimics and Vissians live. They originated from octopuses of old Earth. The Mimics are shapeshifters who can change into other forms. The Vissians are also humanoid in shape but have phosphorescent skin.