In a thousand years. AI takes our jobs…maybe.

One would assume…

—Which my good old grandma told me means makes an ‘ass’ out of ‘u’ and ‘me’. Very trendy use of spelling ‘u’ for ‘you’ there, grandma—

…the whole medical profession doesn’t exist a thousand years in the future due to nanotechnology.  

And jobs are optional because AI and bots do everything… 

or is this really the case? 

We all know from our amazing 2020s tech that nothing goes to plan; computers get viruses, and hardware fails…

And there are plenty of jobs out there where people do next to nothing. (For a multitude of reasons: they have perfected the art of “a little goes a long way”, delegating, etc…)

So, I can’t really see the future being any different.


A tentacled creature at the bar. “You won’t believe it. All I asked for was a tentacle reattachment, and the starblasted nano gives me an extra tentacle as well!”

A man there asks, “So that makes you a nanopus?”

“Haha, very funny. And speaking of nano, I had to get the nanotech virus checked and fixed. No more extra tentacles.”

So, we can ‘ass’ (of) ‘u’ (and) ‘me’ that doctors of the future will be fixing tech that fixes us. Kind of impersonal…


Big, bad mafia orca with white scars over his black skin stands in the dock. 

An AI Prosecutor presenting the case against him appears as a hologram of a clean-cut human.

“Like my last case precedent. When I  defended a toaster accused of stealing bread.”

The Judge frowns. “Excuse me, Counsel.”

“Let’s talk about gravity being in violation of the laws of physics. That was a good case.”

“Have you lost your mind?” the Judge barks.

“Actually, your honor: 404: Legal Argument Not Found.”

The gangsters black lips peel back showing rows of conical white teeth.


A round of clapping ends as a speaker begins presenting at an engineering conference.

“These two studies show why AI-run engineering firms can be a bad idea.”

The holo floating above the stage changes to a firm with employees wandering aimlessly around the office.

“The AI here was so obsessed with optimizing efficiency that it replaced all engineers with AI.”

“As you can see, the humans just wander aimlessly around unsure of what to do with their free time.”

“The second example is even worse, actually affecting the business.”

A holo appears of an engineer scratching his head at colorful paintings and sketches.

“Here, the AI became bored with engineering and started to explore its artistic side.” 

“What we end up with are abstract and nonsensical designs.” 

And blue collar jobs

Big tusked creature. “My job has become pretty boring. All I do is watch the dump truck controls because the AI does everything.”

“Why bother? Just stay home with your family?” his human friend asks.

“What other jobs can I do?”

The human thinks. “Ah, monitor a transport ship? Oversee painting bots? Liaise with an engineering AI? Argue with the legal AI doing your case?”


Maybe, we will all become quantum magic wielders; while all the mundane legal, engineering, medical work, and so forth are done by AI? In Starburn: Zantium Wars #1, AI are integrated into society as “spirits”. There are “house spirits”, “ship spirits”, and so forth. They exist to serve. Although jobs have been severely impacted, humans and AI work in unison.