Are we alone? Why have we not yet come across aliens?

One possible reason is… weird alien-instrument drum roll!

Alien civilizations may have already followed the path that ours may soon follow.

This means that most civilizations have either destroyed each other or destroyed themselves.

We all know humans have these alarming tendencies!

So, it would be more likely that we first find alien artifacts from long-gone civilizations than actual aliens.

And these finds may dramatically increase our technological abilities.

The few civilizations to make it past this traumatic time (which we are currently going through!) would be so advanced they would most likely want to only observe us.

Much like people on safari trips in Africa observe animals in their natural habitats from their car. And hopefully, pass by with only minimal impact on the animals’ lives… These advanced aliens may be extradimensional or have cloaking technology, so we may not even be able to perceive them.

Also, space is unbelievably vast.

I’ve heard all our search for alien life (radio telescopes, optical telescopes, spectroscopy etc) are like we’ve dipped a bucket into the ocean and are searching through the water in the bucket when there’s still all the oceans to search.

And even one bucket out of the oceans doesn’t come close to representing the tiny amount of the universe we’ve looked at for alien life.

*On that existential, mess with your head, note, Starburn: Zantium Wars #1 doesn’t deal with aliens…yet. However life here can get pretty alien and weird. Check out about post Cataclysm octopuses in this post: Earth’s Alien Life.