Artificial gravity on asteroids (when it works)

In an asteroid city, how do you remain on the ground and don’t float into space? Let’s join hard-pressed troops under attack.

“I don’t give a stardam about science. But when you’re under attack—it can save your life.”

A shockwave from an antimatter missile tears through the small asteroid. Rocks fall around us, and cracks open up.

“All that’s holding us together is the Gravity Distortion Field Generator,” mister physics major says. For some unknown reason to me, this whiz kid became a groink-soldier.

“Speak uni-verse,” I say. “What does that mean?”

“Artificial gravity, Sir. Not the strongest kind either. If it goes, the asteroid breaks up, and we’re blazared.”

“So, what do we do?”

“There are other ways to create artificial gravity. But only one of them is going to save us.”

Another explosion rocks the asteroid. I can now see between the cracks. The whole thing is just a heap of rubble held together by the gravity distortion field.

“Go ahead, trooper. What’s our best option?”

“A Gravity Generator that emits intense gravitational waves.”

“What, the, what?”

“A machine powered by a miniature black hole that is kept in a stable state of equilibrium.”

“Stop right there, Son. You’re telling me what destroyed old Earth, what caused the Cataclysm, that will save us?”

“We’ve got Gravity Generators a thousand years more advanced than that one. They’re used on all larger asteroids.”

The ground trembles. I can see stars through the gaps now. Our battle armor will not stop us being crushed if this thing goes.

“How do we get one?”

“There’s one in the docking bay. An upgrade to what we’ve got—more powerful.”

I look through the shielded window. Between us and the docking bay is a rolling red, orange, and yellow mass of explosions punctuated by clear spherical shockwaves.

I look at the trooper. We both grip our plasma assault rifles. I hit the release button on the shielded window.

“See you on the other side,” I shout and charge out into the inferno.