Astrogeography: Districts Of The Zantium Asteroid City

A big barbirusa stomps along an Agora District street turning its tusked head this way and that.

“You look lost,” a human Zantine says.

“Yes,” the barbirusa snorts. “Just arrived from Kusafar for the weekend, my gauntlet won’t send me to the Burned District. Says it’s not safe.”

“That’s true, you have to watch your pockets there, but it’s also a great place to find good deals.”

The barbirusa scratches its snout. “How many districts are there in Zantium?”

Holding his wrist up, the human’s gauntlet projects a holo.

Zantium Districts

“Ten,” says the helpful local. “The asteroids are never still and the districts can merge for a short time as the asteroids orbit the black hole. But the asteroids of each district keep together as they move around the Zantium Belt.”

“Everything’s ten here,” the barbirusa snorts. “The Council of Ten, the Ten agents, bound to be ten districts.”

“Correct,” says the human, not sure he likes the barbirusa’s tone.