Celestial Dating: Exploring Romance in Zantium Asteroid City, 3023

I first met Elenova as a 3D holo when the AI dating spirit matched our personality types. She had captivating blue eyes and cornflower yellow hair.

My search criteria was to be open-minded to different partners I wouldn’t usually meet.

Before our first date, Elenova and I agreed to be upfront and honest about everything when we met.

But as we sat in the plush asteroid restaurant together, she dropped a bombshell that changed everything.

She wasn’t actually human.

She was a Mimic. A Cataclysm changed species of octopus who can take human form.

Despite my initial apprehension, I decided to keep an open mind as I had instructed the AI spirit.

Amazingly, we hit it off immediately. We connected on holo art, music, travel, and mutual curiosity.

The afternoon was spent sharing stories and laughter.

But as the black hole glow darkened on the asteroid’s horizon, it became clear that not everything was going to be perfect.

When her human act slipped, communication proved to be a major hurdle. Elenova’s thoughts and expressions shifted rapidly from topic to topic, leaving me confused.

Her alien mind worked in ways I couldn’t fully comprehend, and my attempts to bridge the gap often ended in confusion.

Like when she used subtle color changes on her skin of reds, greens, and yellows, which I struggled to interpret correctly.

I asked her about it, and she kindly sent me a holo book on the color-changing basics so I could get my gauntlet to prompt me.

At one point in the evening, I tried to lighten the mood with a joke, but it fell flat, causing Elenova’s arms to transform into tentacles and retract. I mistook this as a sign of displeasure and felt embarrassed.

In the spirit of honesty, I asked her what the tentacle transformation and movement meant. She said it was just a reflexive response unrelated to my comment.

As the evening progressed, we decided to share our favorite memories. Elenova projected amazing holos of the Seph homeworld’s oceans and coral forests. It was all captivating but challenging for me to emotionally connect with, being a human coming from a sterile asteroid city.

Similarly, when I shared my cherished memories of my family and our life in Zantium, Elenova seemed curious but couldn’t grasp the full extent of my experiences and emotions.

These communication barriers cast a shadow on the otherwise lovely date. When we parted, we both agreed to work on communication and take things slow.