Earth’s Alien Life

“It’s amazing what a frenzy Earthlings like you, Dan, get into over meeting aliens.”

“You’re not an alien are you?” Dan says.

“No. I’m an octopus.”

“How is it we can talk?”

“After a tiny black hole destroyed Earth, gamma rays made us mutate.”

“So why are we in a frenzy about aliens?”

“Don’t ask me. I’ve just got eight tentacles, three hearts, nine brains…”

“Woah, woah, you’ve got tentacles and heaps of brains.

“You sound like an alien.”

“Nope. Just an octopus. Hey, guess what?”


“Do you know what color my blood is?”

“Ah, red?”



“Yeah. And you want to know something even crazier? What metal do you have in your blood?” 

“Iron, of course.”

“I don’t have iron in my blood.”

“You don’t say.”

“My blood is based on copper.”

“Wow. I see what you mean. You’re an alien, alright.”

“Thanks, but no. Well, yes, actually. You know, it’s highly likely life on Earth first came from Mars.”

“So we’ve always been here, but we’re not from here?”

“Yup. Legal aliens.”

“Sounds like a Sting song…”

If you check out Starburn: Zantium Wars #1 or Characters/Worlds (click “different worlds”), you will learn more about the Cataclysm and the kind of life that was altered to be more alien (but will seem very familiar).