Epic War Cries Unite Diverse Species

The beings hunched around the sports holo are of all shapes and sizes.

I advance, loosely holding my plasma rifle, and sit among them.

The stars above the rogue planet don’t twinkle, there’s no atmosphere and no shield here.

“So we’re all in,” I say. “Elef, seph, barbirusa, orca, humans—all on a joint peacekeeping mission against the Domis.”

“This is an above-average human,” the Barbirusa snorts.

They all laugh.

I grin despite the snub and gauge the situation before speaking again.

“So what’s your Zant war cry?” a glossy black Orca says, his pointy white teeth appearing below his black lips.

“Rock to star, that’s our destiny.” I raise my battle-armored fist.

“That’s a good one,” the Orca nods.

“Rock stars,” the Elef snorts.

“What about you?” I say to the Elef.

“From tranquil depths, fury unleashed!” The Elef trumpets.

“Nice,” the Orca says.

The Barbirusa thumps his chest. “Tusks of fury, hearts of steel!”

I see another human through the sports holo that no one is watching. Catching my eye, the other human bursts into writhing tentacles—it’s a Mimic in disguise.

The Orca nods to the Mimic.

“Three hearts beat as one, nine minds united, unstoppable!” The Mimic shouts.

“Yeah,” the Orca thumps his black fist against his chest.

“What about you?” I say to the Orca.

“With the tide, we surge!” The Orca rumbles.

Everyone, including you, thumps their chest and roars. This is the best one.