Plasma Rifle – Zantium Defense Force

“Space maggots,” the drill sergeant screams.

“Pick up your rifle. You will learn that this rifle is the best friend in your life. Because one day it will save your life.”

I sigh. Why do the drill sergeants always talk to us like we’re complete morons? I glance at my fellow trainees, sure some of them are. But there’s many of us with half a brain.

He brandishes an auto rifle. “This is a Novastrike plasma rifle. Best in the universe. You’ll learn to field strip and clean it if it’s the last thing you do.”

I switch off all his ranting and unclip the power cell, a high-density battery, then unclip the gas canister.

“It’s as dirty as you,” the sergeant screams at some poor Vissian. “Look at all the residue and debris in the electromagnets. Clean it with nano, now, you maggot.”

“Clean rifle,” I say to the AI targeting system. The side panel unclips, and I remove it, exposing the electromagnets that contain and accelerate the plasma.

A small stream of nano flows out of the rifle and into the electromagnets to get to work.

“It’s simple, even for groink-for-brains like you maggots,” the sergeant shouts. “But so many of you don’t bother to do this. If it were me, I’d be cleaning every time I change the power cell.”

“What if we’re in a firefight?” a red-headed guy says.

“Get down and give me fifty, maggot,” the sergeant roars.

It’s a fair question. But I guess the answer’s self-explanatory. You fight, then clean afterward!

Plasma Weapon