Space tech and wabi-sabi

Due to the power of entangled particles, Dave from 2020 and a tentacled being a thousand years in the future can have a chat.

Tentacled being, “I just purchased a midrange ship from a Vissian secondhand dealer.”

Dave “Really? Was it in good shape?”

“Yeah, not bad. It’s got a silver extradimensional outer skin, and I feel great every time I see my tentacles in the reflection.”

“Cost much?”

“Heaps. Got a new job, paying for this beauty at the black hole mine driving an antimatter bucketwheel.”

“Good for you.”

“Not really.”

“No, why?”

“It’s only been parked at the mine a few weeks, and it’s already tarnished and scratched.


“Relax. I bought a new smartphone and a car and the same thing happens in the 2020s.”

The being’s tentacles writhe more and more in annoyance. “Not one of those internal combustion gas guzzling carbon monoxide spewing…”

“Chill out. We’re doing the best we can on the climate stuff!”

“Chill out. You mean heat up?”

Dave slaps hand on forehead. “Yeah, yeah, I get what you’re saying future tentacled person.”

“I’m a Vissian.”

“Right, well anyway. We have the same thing in the 2020s. Our smartphones and cars take a very short time to scratch, fill with lint, and chip.”

“And they’re not even subjected to the enormous forces of space?”


“How do you deal with the pain?”

“I find a Japanese philosophy called wabe-sabi helps.”


“Wabe-sabi — it means finding beauty in a few scratches and the odd scuff. Definitely not worth losing sleep about!”

“That’s the only reason you’re lucky to be a human — the novelty of new things wears off quickly. Unfortunately, Vissian’s are a bit more clingy.”

“Well, still give it a go.”

“If you check out Starburn: Zantium Wars #1 or Characters/Worlds (click “different worlds”), you will learn more about the Cataclysm and the kind of life that was altered to be more alien (but will seem very familiar).”