Starships of Zantium

The precursors to the Zantium spirits (2013 AIs) were asked to produce concept designs. Please take these with a pinch of stardust and still retain your imagination of how Zantium starships look.


All Zantium starships are made of an extra-dimensional material called morphium, which is best described as an intelligent mercury that changes shape to its environment and to the crew’s needs.

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A top-of-the-line ship owned by the wealthiest Zantines, the Ten, and a certain gunfighter in the Frontier Asteroids. This design was the closest to what was envisioned—elegant and fitting Zantium’s classical renaissance style.

MRKF2 (Medium Range Kill Fighter)
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The main fighter ship in the Zantium fleets. These are fairly ugly compared to Zantium’s other starships. They are highly functional and easy to mass produce by Sundom Industries.

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Elegant and made of morphium, capable of carrying many MRKF2s, troops, and some serious firepower.

Guild ships (Zantium)

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The different Guilds take on the materials and styles of their host civilizations. This is Starburn’s green cloak starship, made of morphium and green to match his cloak level.


This civilization are the survivors of the (human) Mars colony wars with Zantium. After Mars was decimated, they left for the planet Dominion. They still have constant clashes with Zantium. Their armor, weapons, and ships are self-assembling hexagon-prism-based technology.

Troop carriers
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Hexagon troop carriers open on landing to form mobile fortifications.

Battle Destroyer
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Dominion ships have similar shape changing abilities to their hexagon self-assembling battlearmor and weapons. This one is reassembling into troop carriers.

We’ll explore the other civilizations’ starships in future posts.