Trade Disputes: Dominion’s Defense Against Zantium Attacks

My free short story, Deep Space Threat, is from Zantium’s perspective. I thought it would be interesting to look at a scenario from the perspective of the number one enemy of Zantium, Dominion.

After all, Starburn comes from there…

Trading Outpost, Moon Tu52B95

Voidslayer’s red eyes shine in the dim glow from the starset. There’s a grin on his pale face, “Three minutes and we get to put our feet up.”

“I like it here,” Astralbane says. “We live like kings.”

“There must be what, two hundred thousand beings on the whole outpost?” Voidslayer yawns. “No soldiers at all. Just some guards for the bigstars here.”

“Something like that,” Astralbane says. “We’re a big protection racket. They pay Dominion to keep trouble away.”

There’s a sound, and they both turn to see another armored Dominion soldier.

“Starfury, finally. We’re ready to hit the moon,” Voidslayer says.

“I brought you something for the road,” the relieving soldier hands them both a drink. There’s a light dancing in his red eyes.

Astralbane lifts his plasma rifle. “I’ll see you later.”

Voidslayer pats Starfury on the shoulder as he passes.

He looks up at the stars with a drink in one hand and his plasma rifle in the other. “Good times ahead, brother.”

They leave the large fortification at the edge of the outpost, heading for the bars.

Voidslayer puts an arm over Astralbane’s shoulder. “Just imagine, we could be at Dominion now getting our brains drilled by some officer.”

A brilliant sphere of incandescent energy blossoms from the heart of the fortification.

Shockwaves of unimaginable force tear outward, fracturing the fortification’s walls into a mosaic of destruction.

Tendrils of violent energy lash out, igniting nearby structures and turning the fortification into an inferno.

“Collapsar,” Astralbane swears.

Both soldiers dive for cover as debris rains down.

Silver Zantium destroyers somehow pass inside the shield, filling the sky with glowing orange countermeasures.

Voidslayer points his plasma rifle up.

Astralbane pushes it down. “You going to take on a whole Zant fleet with that? They’ve already knocked out our anti-ship batteries.”

“Incoming,” croaks Starfury.

They both turn to see his steaming and scorched shape.

“I thought you were scronx,” Astralbane says.

“Got thrown out in the explosion. Switch to gauntlet mind coms they’re coming.”

The three soldiers watch one figure in silver battle armor descend under antigrav boots.

I can take him, thinks Voidslayer.

No, two mental voices fill Voidslayer’s mind.

The Ten agent lands. He’s tall with golden hair and skin. His green eyes sweep the destroyed fortification.

Stay still, Voidslayer, Astralbane mentally projects with his gauntlet. He has ten times our hearing.

The Ten agent speaks to his gauntlet in a bored voice. “Eighth fleet, we’ve taken it. No civilian casualties. Just a stardam small outpost. Only a few Domi soldiers. It’s so small these guys might even be doing this without Dominion knowing.”

That’s just not true, Voidslayer projects. But a great idea.

The Ten agent treads softly away through the burning debris.

More Zant troops, Astralbane warns.

The other two look up to see ten squads, each with nine troopers, descending on antigrav.

We’ll have to get off this dump back to Dominion, Starfury thinks.

I thought this was the place to be, Astralbane jokes darkly to Voidslayer. Never go back to Dominion?

Looks like there’s no place like home, Voidslayer grins. Now we’re going to have to survive.


And here we go again. A whole new lexicon of Dominion cuss words to create!

I’m almost rooting for these guys to make it out and fight another day!