Zantium and sleep patterns in an asteroid city

Everyone needs to sleep to recharge.

Let’s join our friend, the Cataclysm-changed octopus (in human form).

He’s currently a silhouette in front of the black hole swirling outside the window.

“So, tell me about your sleep patterns?”

A few tentacles explode from his head at the intrusion in his thoughts. They curl back in, and he turns to smile at me. His orange eyes and bar-shaped irises change to a more human blue.

“Funnily enough,” he says. “With three hearts and nine brains, we sleep the same hours as humans.”

“I mean your sleep patterns on asteroids.”

“Exactly like you. The city spirit has the ability to slow the spin of the asteroids, giving each asteroid a period of light and dark. A day for me is twenty-four hours, and I sleep eight of them.”

I turn from the Mimic to say, “And there you have it, dear readers. In terms of sleep, because we have an AI running the asteroid city, nothing much has changed after Earth was destroyed a millennia ago.”