Zantium’s Babylon District Parks: Preserving Earth’s Legacy

Aristar is a passionate change-the-universe, stars-in-her-eyes type of girl.

Truly, she annoys the helio out of me. But I’m still happy to bask in her stunning beauty.

Stars twinkle above us through the shield above the trees. Our path winds around a still pond that mirrors stars above so perfectly, it seems the asteroid has a hole right through it.

“These are the last remnants of Earth’s plant and bird life,” she says. “They’re unchanged since the Cataclysm, preserved here for almost a thousand years.”

“Amazing,” I say, hearing a bird call, and tensing at a black flapping out the corner of my eye.

She nods. “The orca and seph took coral and seaweed to their water worlds. The barbirusa and elef all the grass varieties for their crops. The Domis and us took the plants and birds.”

She touches my arm. “The Babylon District asteroids are truly the most important in Zantium.”

I’ve recently returned from the furnace of the Dominion War, and it’s hard to not smile at her naivety.

But I bite my tongue, not mentioning that the Astroforge District, where they make starships and starKites, is actually the most important.

“The city parks are all that is left of old Earth,” she says, white teeth flashing on the dark side of this asteroid.

“Apart from us,” I say, instantly wishing I hadn’t.

“We are the reason Earth was destroyed,” she says.

Stardam, I’ve made a black hole for myself now.